4 Reasons Why Size Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Pleasure

What is better? Big and fulfilling or small, but powerful?

For years, men have given great importance to the size of their manhood while their partners have resigned themselves to looking at them sweetly and with a docile voice have ensured that size does not matter… but is it true?

Here are some reasons why size doesn’t matter.

We’re All Unique

In truth, penis size is just part of a man’s physical attractiveness, that’s all. It’s like saying you are attracted to someone tall, or short, blue-eyes or brown-eyes. It is simply a non-determining physical characteristic. We all have a type, and there are more people out there than you may realise who prefer a smaller penis.


Is Porn The Problem?

The idea that having a big penis makes you better in bed, it’s just a myth sustained by pornography. In porn, big-cocked men often appear to drive women mad with pleasure. However, size is no guarantee of good skill. The circumference is often more important than length when it comes to enjoying sex. In all honesty, a large penis can be quite uncomfortable and at times painful for some women.

Communication Is Key

A satisfying sex life depends on many things that have little to do with penis size. Size has nothing to do with a woman’s satisfaction, as it depends on the chemistry and communication that exists, and the ability of the two to have mutual pleasure, so there are many more factors than penis size. Maintaining open communication and talking about what you like to feel and/or experience during sex is key.

Being Healthy Makes You Horny

Actually, the only thing a man should worry about is maintaining good physical health to prevent erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, we can tell you that in the bedroom, it will be your skills and how you use it that will take you to the climax and determine if you are a good lover or not.

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What do you think? Does size matter to you or not? Tell us in the comments below.