Talking Dirty – A Beginner’s Guide

Talking Dirty – what is ‘dirty talk’?

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom?  Want to add some energy or erotica to your sex life?!  Talking dirty is one of the easiest ways to spark the senses and heighten any experience using just a little imagination.  Talking dirty can also build attraction between you and your partner, grow your confidence and make your sex life even more intimate.

‘Dirty talk’, covers a variety of expressions, ranging from subtle moans and whispered highlights to furtive commands and cum laden screams.  It doesn’t always have to mean filthy language (although this helps) or lots of words, in fact, just a few choice phrases at the right time can be all you need to take your partner to the brink of a seismic orgasm.


Let’s get down to business

The more you communicate your sexual desires, the better and easier it becomes.  Dirty talk takes some practice and verbalising those naughty thoughts can be enough to give anyone stage fright.  Low confidence or a random choice of words is also a sure way to kill the mood.  Let’s whet your appetite and loosen those lips 😉

Say what you’re going to do

Firstly, think about the things that turn you/your partner on; a fantasy, a thing you do very well or what they can do to you.  Having a few ideas up your skirt/down your trousers will put you ahead of the game and able to work any appropriate opportunity.  Describing out loud what you want before sex and what you like during sex is the surest way to sound sexy.

The way you say it

Your excitement will be as much of a thrill to them as you talking dirty about what turns them on.  If you can (without seeming unnatural), try speaking slowly and hold an eye contact for greater intensity.  Use a slightly deeper, sultry voice and whisper in his/her ear to wind them up.

What you say

Praise your partner’s body and describe your favourite bits.  Giving your partner real-time feedback about what you’re enjoying is a great way to get your partner excited. Telling your partner what you just liked can also prolong the experience.

Be yourself

When you talk dirty with your partner, use words that you are familiar with and work for you. Be yourself and say what naturally comes to mind.  Use all of your senses and don’t try to be weird.  Freaky – yes!

Don’t try to be sophisticated

Brush up on your dirty language and use the bad words.  Dirty talk is supposed to be dirty, so don’t try and clean it up by being clinical about what’s going on.  Instead of penis and vagina, use cock, pussy, dick etc.  “I want to fuck that fucking sexy pussy” is hot, but “ I want to romance with your vagina” is not. Keep it dirty!”


Lines to get warmed up

Here are a few easy favourites from our bank of naughty words.

Before Sex – say what you ‘want’

  • I need you right now
  • I want to taste your lips
  • You are turning me on
  • Tonight I want to lick your whole body
  • I want you to inside me
  • Give it to me now…

During Sex – say what you’re ‘liking’!

  • Don’t stop.
  • Fuck me, hard baby
  • Put that cum on my face
  • You’re so sexy
  • You feel so good/fucking hot
  • You’re my bitch/whore
  • I’d love to spank you

Now you’re warmed up, we’ve put together 3 levels of Dirty Talk.

Level 1: Soft Dirty Talk for Beginners

  • Come here sexy, sit on my lap
  • I always feel so good around you.
  • Take your clothes off.
  • You taste so good
  • You’re looking so beautiful/handsome right now
  • Your figure is smoking hot!
  • I love how you look at me when we’re together, it’s so hot!
  • You’re really turning me on
  • Your outfit looks so sexy tonight

Level 2: Medium Dirty Talk between submissive and boss lover 

  • I want to give you the best oral sex you’ve ever had
  • Lick every single part of my body..make me crazy tonight
  • Sit on me and ride me hard!
  • I love it when I can feel you squeeze your pussy around me
  • I love sucking your pussy/cock so much
  • Tell me how much you like it when I fuck you
  • Cum/sit on my face/mouth. I want to lick that cum
  • I want you to use me as your personal toy tonight

Level 3: Hard-Core Dirty Talk for the more experienced

Hardcore dirty talk unleashes swear and slang words.  These phrases are super hot and a major turn on for your partner when done in the heat of the moment.

  • You are my slut tonight. I’ll fuck you wherever I want.
  • Fuck me harder baby
  • Use me like your fucking toy
  • Say, you’re my bitch/whore/slut
  • Ride me harder, ruin my pussy
  • Fuck my pussy as hard as you can
  • You little slut, I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk! Ready?
  • Oh yeah! Fuck me faster, harder, deeper.
  • I love eating your fucking pussy, I want to taste it right now

In Summary

Pick one or two words or phrases that you are most comfortable with and have a play.  Think about when to use them and how they should be delivered.  Pay attention to your partner’s response and encourage their responses that really get you going.  Where there is smoke, there is fire. To get laid tonight check out BRITISHSEXFINDER.COM