How to Use Beer to Make Your Sex Life Hotter Tonight

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Sexy lingerie, toys, new positions: There are a bunch of ways to make your sex life hotter—and now you can add beer to that list.

In her book, The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life, clinical sexologist Kat van Kirk, Ph.D., points out that beer can give men a slew of boosts in the bedroom (which then benefit us, FTW).

One of the biggies is that it can help a guy last longer. Some research has shown that light to moderate beer drinkers reap the benefits of the phytoestrogens, or estrogen that occurs naturally in the hops and can help delay ejaculation, says van Kirk.

Check out these three ways to enhance your sex life with beer:


Chili peppers can increase the blood flow to his penis, says van Kirk, and oysters have high levels of zinc and amino acids to improve his performance in bed. Try oyster shooters as an app, followed by something spicy for your main meal. And obviously, chase it with a cold one.


Beer doesn’t just do it for him; hoppy beers like an IPA can boost your lady boner, too. Those phytoestrogens found in hops help increase a woman’s libido and aid in balancing the hormones, which can get you ready to jump in the sack, says van Kirk.


If your man is a dark beer fan, you’re in luck. Van Kirk says its iron content can give him a stronger boner. “Increased levels of iron have been shown to ramp up levels of blood flow to the penis, creating a firmer, ready-for-action erection.


Before you encourage your man to do a keg stand on your bed, remember that moderation is key to a hot hookup. Too much beer can create a spike in hormones that negatively impact his sex drive and his ability to get it up, says van Kirk.

The actual amount of beer that can enhance his sex game varies from person to person, she says, but studies suggest that one to three hop-rich beers a day, like IPAs and darker beers, can make a difference.

Of course, if your guy isn’t really a drinker, now isn’t the time to start, and he could get similar bedroom benefits from eating foods rich in iron and probiotics. But if he does enjoy a drink or two, well, cheers to that.