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Daddy wanted me to come home early. I thought something bad happen but he only found my last pack of the pill in the garbage. I stopped taking the pill because I always nearly forgot it. And since I’m not having any sex it’s ok. But daddy told me only slut don’t take the pill. And he lectured me that sluts get easily pregnant. Since I wasn’t listening to him he ripped of my clothes and took down his. Then he pushed me to the against my shelves.

“Daddy what are you doing?!”

“Shut up, Katie. I told you to listen to me! Now I show you what happens to little sluts like you”

“Daddy… stop… please”

He picked up my legs and push his big hard cock into my pussy. I was screaming because I never had such a big cock entering my pussy. He was breathing heavily. Some how it felt good although it was such a bad thing.

“Daddy please stop!”

“SHUT UP!” he shouted. He started fucking my hard and deep. The head of his cock was poking at my cervix. I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. I don’t know what was happening but I started to enjoy it.


“What Katie?!”

“Will you … cum inside?” I moaned in complete pleasure. Never has anyone made me feel such an intense pleasure.

“Yes I will Katie”

“But … what if I…  get pregnant?”

“That happens to little sluts” he grunted while pushing his cock deeper into me.

“Then daddy…”


“Put a baby into me” I moaned into his ear.