Mother and Step-Daughter Fuck While Home Alone

“Oh shit Mom, sorry! I thought Dad was in here,” she said startled to see her mother standing there naked.

“Your father? You burst into the bathroom expecting to find your father about to get into the shower? What the hell young lady!” her Mom replied pretending to be outraged. But the truth was she knew exactly what had been going on between her husband and their daughter, and now she wanted a piece of the action too. She grabbed the front of her daughter’s dress, ripped in off and pinned her against the sink.

“Now, let’s see just how great this pussy of yours is that it makes your father sneak into your room every night when he thinks I’m asleep!”

“Mom, no! Ohhhhhhhh Mommy…”

Her mom knew just how to touch her cunt as after all, it was just like hers. “Oh my, you do have a tight and slippery little pussy. So wet at the slightest touch! No wonder your father can’t get enough of you. Seems like you like Mommy touching you too, huh babygirl?

“Yes Mom…” was all she could say as she looked down in disbelief at her mother’s fingers on her cunt. She wasn’t even into girls, but this felt amazing. So she didn’t protest at all when her mother took her to her bedroom, laid her down and began eating her better than anybody – including her father – had done before.

Her mom loved tasting her daughter’s sweet little pussy and seeing how her young body responded to her mouth and tongue. She was so lost in the joy of pleasuring her daughter that she didn’t notice her husband had come home and was now standing next to the bed watching his wife eating their daughter.

“What the fuck are you two doing!” he fathered bellowed. “You’re lesbians now?!? Incestuous lesbians cheating on me? You pair of whores!”

“But Daddy,” his daughter pleaded, “Why are you angry? Isn’t this what you wanted? To include Mom in our fun?”

“Well yes, but not without me. And besides, I thought you said you weren’t into women.”

“I’m not Daddy, it’s just that Mom… Mom kind of changed my mind.”

“Calm down dear,” her mother said to her father, “You know my powers of persuasion. Come on darling, take out that hard cock and let both of us persuade you that everything’s okay.” She then spoke to her daughter, “Come on, help Mom cheer up Dad. Suck his balls.”

She did as she was told, although it felt totally weird to be tonguing her dad while her mom stroked him and talked dirty to him.

“Come on,” her mom suddenly said, “Let’s enjoy our daughter together.”

“Yes, okay,” her father said as he undressed fully. He flipped his daughter onto her hands and knees while his wife positioned herself further up the bed. “I’ll fuck her while you show her how to eat your cunt.”

“Wait… wait!” their daughter protested, “Do I get any say in this? Ummmmpfff!”

Her father slammed his cock into her wet little cunt as his wife pushed her face down onto her mature pussy. Her father and mother grinned at each other conspiratorially as if this had been something they planned all along.

Soon her mother was bucking her hips into her daughter’s face as her pussy flooded orgasmic juices into her mouth. And then her father climbed up the bed, grabbed his wife by the back of her head and pumped his cum into her mouth.

“Darling, remember to share with our daughter,” her father instructed her mother, who all too happily cupped her daughters face in her hands, and drooled his cum into her gasping mouth before giving her a long, deep, incestuous kiss, mixing together both their pussy juices and her father’s cum.

Swapping her father’s cum with her mother is not what she expected would happen to her today, but this was just the beginning of her sexual adventures with her parents.