Don’t Put Your Foot in It – What Not To Say To Potential Hookups.

Today, a hookup can happen easily, and very fast but cringey opening lines and managing to keep a conversation going without going too deep can be a nightmare for anyone looking for just casual sex. Hooking up with someone without expectations of a relationship is very popular today, so there are a lot of people looking for the same thing as you are.

Don’t worry, if you are looking for casual sex from time to time, we can tell you what not to say. The following tips may be helpful if you don’t want to blow it before it even starts.

Let’s have sex

Slow down mate, the majority of us are here for the same reason. It doesn’t need to be said, have respect. While there are plenty of people on the site looking for the odd night of slapdash sex, there are others who are here for a relationship. Make conversation, get to know them casually, make sure you are on the same page before you even bring up the possibility of a bang. Don’t force your potential playmate. They will likely run away as soon as possible.

I love you

Never ever talk about love with your hookup. It’s not casual if you are talking about emotions. If feelings come up, you need to rethink about what you are looking for, you can’t expect others to feel the same way. Just enjoy it. Save some love for a meaningful relationship when the time is right.

What are we?

Don’t. Just don’t.

Asking this question makes you look cringy. According to some research, more than 50% of people hate to define a casual sex relationship. You must be aware that a casual relationship can develop into something meaningful only if both sides want the same thing. Be persistent but don’t force it.


Who else are you messaging?

Jealousy won’t help you get laid for sure. You have to understand that you are not one another’s top priority. There’s no official relationship. If you are seeing other people, your partner can do the same. Don’t make a scene. The best thing about a casual relationship is the fact that there’s no reason to argue. Stay relaxed and leave the negativity behind. You are both here for the enjoyment, so don’t ruin it. Jealousy can only lead to disaster.

It’s simple, just imagine what you wouldn’t want to hear out of your other half’s mouth and don’t utter such things yourself!

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