8 Halloween Sex Positions That Will Satisfy All Your Cravings.


Whether you like Skittles or Snickers, one point everyone can agree on is this: The only thing better than a sugar high is a sex coma. Enjoy these decadent Halloween sex positions that really put the treat in trick-or- treat.

1The Twizzler Tie-Up


Go off-label with a pack of Twizzlers, tying a string of them to bind your partner’s wrists together. Straddle them, holding their wrists down to remind them who’s in charge (obvi, consent first before you go all BDSM on them). When you’re ready to allow them to touch you, just munch it off. Sex + convenient mid-bonin’ snack = gets no better.

2The Warlock’s Brew


Let your partner enchant you via penis magic with a wicked 90 degree twist on missionary. As they thrust, circle your hips so it’s like they’re stirring your cauldron, double-doubling your orgasms.

3The Cave Crave


Time to make that bed rock. Your partner lifts your butt in a very primal, need-you-now way, in a position that lets you both stroke whatever needs to be stimulated while gazing lustfully at each other. Try it by candlelight for some extra fire.

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