Deep Throat Training Day.

Deep Throat Training Day: Coaching – Get a helping hand

Why is it sometimes better to have a coach for Deep Throat Training Day?The most obvious answer is, because it is not you, who control the dildo.
But why use the helping hand, when it can be also his cock?Well, think realistic. 1. Who said the coach is a male? It can also be a girl. Your best friend. So no cock. 2. Who say, that you want to have a personal sexual contact to your coach? It can be your gay friend. It can be a person you really like, but you want to be a wonderful deep throat woman to your huband and you do not cheat on him.
There are enough reasons.Do you have that person, who can be your coach?Think about that. Let’s have a look at this Deep Throat Tip.

The other person can help you, to become a better deep throater. One reason, why a heping hand is better: It will be a natural reflex, that you stop or even pull back, when you start to gag, when you use the dildo on yourself. The other person can ignore that. Or even when the coach cares about your gagging, he can not pull the dildo out as fast as you could do it, as your reaction time would be quicker. That makes such a training more realsitic. Beside that, a helping hand can be great to overcome your limit.

You want to make the difference? You want to be that girl, with the bottomless throat? No matter who the guy is, that will get that perfectly training deep throater in the end. Your husband or your boyfriend. Or just a one night stand. Make them speechless with your skills, by taking down their cocks without fear or too much struggle. When the coach insert the dildo into your mouth, you think right about that: How good you will be after the training.  How you can impress the guys. With every inch the helping hand pushes the dildo deeper into your throat, you must remember, that it is right that moment, that already makes you a better deep throat girl.Because every training will improve your skills.

No matter who is your coach or where you do it. Any help is appreciated. She when to the Deep Throat Dungeon. Tied up, her head cuffed and in chains, she will go nowhere. Now she have to accept the dildo which is about to enter her throat. That magic moment, when the dildo pop into the throat. See her eyes. But she know right in that moment, that she made a difference. That she is just one step further on the way to become a superior deep throater.You will have that feeling too. With every single training.

No hard feelings. It is the job of the coach to make you better. You must remember that all the time. He or she is here to help you. It is up to you, how far yo go. Deep Throat Tip: You can also agree to a freestyle training lesson. That will mean that the dildo is used, just like the coach thinks it is good for you. You can use a code word for stopping or a sign, when you can not speak. This is the training for the experienced, who want to improve fast. Are you ready for such training? Remember: At least twice a week a dildo should go down your throat to reduce your gag reflex and get your throat used to deep throating.

One of the most exciting training: The no mercy mode. Fuck you and your gag reflex. Fuck you, fuck your throat. Fast and hard. Only a coach can give you that experience, when you are a trainee. Only the full developed deep throater can throat fuck the own throat at such a speed and power. Until you are such a deep throat enthusiast, you have to rely on the helping hand, that hammers your throat at lightspeed with a dildo. No mercy, no regrets. It is for a good cause.

When you have a good coach, he is creative. Like with sports, a workout is better, when you change your training all the time. This way, it will not be boring. Why do not combine your workoutyou also need to do for your whole body, to stay in shape and fit with your deep throat training day? Dildo push ups are a popular exercise for that. Especially with a helping hand on the back of your head, that pushs your down.It will work out your arms and chest as well as your throat. Isn’t this a fantastic gain?

Hopefully you saw some aspects, that a coach can be helpful for your deep throat training. Maybe you have such a person around you. Good luck.
Any questions? Feel free to send me a message.