Cuffing Season Has Arrived, and It’s About to Change Your Sex Life




Set the tone by leading with a picture of you in a wool sweater or a football jersey. Add some pictures of you in ugly sweaters with your family, at a tailgate with your friends and by a cozy fireside bar drinking something out of a snifter. If you want to spend the winter snuggling, watching movies, having great sex and not feeling desperately lonely on Valentine’s Day, just call it out in your bio. “Looking to get cuffed for the winter. Offer is good though Valentine’s Day and expires April 1st.” Honesty is the best policy and there must be at least one person out there searching for the same thing. Actually, I know for a fact there is: me.

Both your Netflix and Spotify playlists need to be prepped for hibernation. Line up some scary Halloween movies, particularly some old classics like Halloween, Nosferatu(one of the greatest horror films ever made), The Shining, Young Frankenstein, IT, Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Switch up from the heavier EDM, metal and hip hop sounds of the summer to something softer. Maybe try some new music like classical or bluegrass. Classical is great music for getting cozy and kinky. Download Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas or the soundtrack to Elf and have it playing in the background when your girl comes over. Get a wireless bluetooth speaker or even better yet, get that record player you’ve wanted and invest in some holiday vinyl.

The holidays are coming along and you’ll only get fatter. Even if you don’t shed 20 pounds and get a six-pack, getting that testosterone going is imperative to attracting a mate for cuffing season. Join a boxing gym. Chicks love boxing. Run a 5K; there are a million of them this time of year and you might meet the woman of your winter dreams running for a good cause.

According to an Elite Singles study, “Four in 10 women like a man who shows up to a date in a nice jacket,” so get your self a nice pea coat. If you’re going to splurge on anything, invest in leather, a cashmere sweater and real denim. These three simple items go a long way in making you look sharp and sophisticated. If price is an issue, a lot of department stores have outlets selling items from previous seasons at a significantly cheaper price. Neutral colors are timeless: black, grey, brown and cream. If you’re worried about putting together an outfit, look at the mannequins in the store or what the celebrities are wearing. Get your nice shoes buffed and shined. And wear socks, please.

It’s impressive if you can get a table at that hot new restaurant that just opened up, but if not, find a cozy place with a fireplace or pit. Subscribe to a meal delivery service. Winter root vegetables go great with a beef stew; pair it with one of BRITISHMATURESEX.COM favorite fall cocktails—or red wine.

Red wine is elegant and classic; educate yourself on the basics. You should at least know some wines to buy between $15 and $100. La Crema pinot noir is a great $20 wine you can find almost anywhere and Duckhorn merlot is a great $80 wine to impress. Want to try something new? Make a day-date out of a local winery tour.

Update your massage oils, bubble baths and candle inventory. (If you’re going to get playful with the wax, learn from my mistake and use the right kind of candle.) For the love of all that is kinky, don’t buy pumpkin spice lube. Go to your local sex shop and see what they have on display or what classes are available. Keep it simple. At the end of the night, nothing is sexier than a passionate make out session in front of a roaring fireplace or bonfire.

I love curling up on the couch (or bed) with a big, comfy blanket. For the wallet-friendly, velvet plush or sherpa will do, but if you really want to cozy up, invest in a faux fur blankets  Flannel sheets are always a good buy. It’s okay to buy the pumpkin spice scented candle, but personally I love a more masculine tobacco-vanilla candle. Paddywax makes a great scent, as does Woodwick.

Everyone wants to embrace their #basic Instagram self in the winter, so lean in, baby. Do some pumpkin seed roasting. Check out the local apple orchard. Jump in a pile of leaves. Go ice-skating. Hit up the county fair and a foliage tour. Absorb culture at a symphony, opera, play or museum—all great dates that take place indoors. The Nutcracker ballet is timeless and I would marry a man who suggests we go. If she’s sporty, bring her to a college football game. Do some tailgating. “Netflix and sizzle” at home with roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate and homemade s’mores.

This might sound crazy if you’re newly dating, but the Elite Singles study found that “four percent of people would choose hosting a Thanksgiving meal together as one of their top-three date ideas.” Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend with friends and strays who have nowhere to go. It’s also a great relationship test, like a road trip. If you can make it through preparing a holiday meal together, you can probably make it until the snow starts to thaw.