Five Spooky Sexy Roleplay Scenarios for Halloween!

Calling all ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks! Looking to make your All Hallow’s Eve one to remember?


We’re here to help you explore your deepest demonic desires with these sexy Halloween-themed roleplay ideas. So put the candy on the porch and fire up the Jack-O-Lantern, because if this haunted house is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!

Wicked Witch/Warlock and their Animal Familiar Spirit


No witch worth her salt would be caught without their beloved animal familiar, the supernatural sidekick that helps them with their magicks. From flying monkeys to black cats to Hedwig the Owl, familiars can take a variety of shapes and forms. but they all share a singular devotion to the witch or warlock they serve. This fantasy combines Dom/sub dynamics with animal roleplay for a frisky and fun scene.

Satanic Priest and Virgin Sacrifice


Light some candles and prep the pentagram, because it’s time for some (faux) virgin sacrifice roleplay! Summon the forces of evil over to your place and indulge in some easy bondage with the Under the Bed Restraint System or show them the (literal) ropes with the Twisted Monk Hemp Starter Kit. Keep your sacrifice in the dark with this comfortable Padded Blindfold and then tease them mercilessly with these Japanese Drip Candles. Serving the Dark Lord never felt so good.


Mad Scientist and Monster


Sparks will fly with this Frankenstein-inspired roleplay that combines sexy science and medical play! Once you get their body on the slab, you can use the Snake Bite Kit on their nipples for some sexy suction…or on the sides of their neck for some easy bolts.

Summer Camp Slasher and Horny Teenager


Ah, summer camp: young love, teenage hook-ups, bug juice…and oh yeah, a crazed masked murderer intent on seeking revenge! Luckily, you won’t have to wait until Friday the 13th to get your roleplay on. Just pop on the Jack the Zipper Hood (trust us, it’s more comfortable than a hockey mask!) and trade in that machete for a Baltic Birch Paddle with holes to reduce air resistance. The horny teenager can indulge in the iScream Dildo, everyone’s favorite summer treat and keep their screams subdued with these beautiful Silicone Ball Gags. These toys will keep you coming back to camp every summer!


Werewolf and Villager


Unleash your inner beast with this furry, frisky roleplay that is sure to bring out the animal inside. Fans of primal play and pet play will enjoy this, but you don’t have to wait until the next full moon: dress the part with the Crystal Minx Faux Fur Tail Plug and accessorize with the claw-like Finger Fork Ring that’s perfect for some suspenseful sensation play. Villagers can tame their savage beast with these stylish and sexy Bijoux Maze T-Restraints, leashed handcuffs to keep your wolf in submission. And when you’re doing it doggy, er, werewolf style, experience deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation with the Liberator Doggy Rider. Now that’s something to howl about!