True or False: Women Want More Sex Than Men?


If someone told you that women yearn for sex more than men, would you believe them? If not, you’re one of many guys still lost in a tragically outdated gender stereotype. What I’m about to share with you is good news, I promise.

New research conducted by discount site Voucher Codes Pro has debunked one of the longest-lasting sex myths, finding that 60 percent of women want sex more often than men. Let’s begin by noting that this is far from the first study to speak to women’s growling hunger for sex. In fact, a survey from fertility app Kindara found that three quarters of women want to fool around more than three times a week. Considering most couples in their twenties have sex once or twice a week, most men who insist they aren’t getting enough at home only have themselves to blame.

The survey of 2,383 Brits in long-term relationships found that, compared to the six in 10 women who want more sex in their relationship, only 40 percent of men shared the same attitude. Researchers insist this discrepancy is a topic of serious contention. Twenty-one percent of couples report they argue about not having enough sex, with one-third claiming a lack of sexual adventurousness was also a key contributor. Other obstacles threatening coupled sex lives were lazy partners and a discordance in likes and dislikes between the sheets.

When quizzed about what these people did to satiate their sexual hunger, 40 percent of horny respondents turned to porn and 38 percent reached into their nightstand for a trusty sex toy.

The study also found that the longer couples are together, the worse these arguments become. When the sample was asked what they were most nostalgic about during the honeymoon phase, a third of the sample insist they bickered less and 38 percent claim things used to be more spontaneous.

But how much can we really trust a website dedicated to online discount codes? A survey is a survey, but research from reputable academics holds more merit. Esteemed researcher Roy Baumeister recruited two qualified colleagues to analyze month’s worth of previous research to better understand how someone’s sex drive can be impacted by their gender. The published research, titled “Is There a Gender Difference in Strength of Sex Drive” concluded the opposite of Voucher Code Pro’s results. In fact, they cite there is “overwhelming” evidence that men have stronger sex drives than women. While they do note that some women do have an intense desire for sex, on average, men want it more.

The study says that men experience more spontaneous sexual arousal and more frequent, varied fantasies. Men also want more sexual partners in their lifetime and are therefore more interested in casual sex. Men also masturbate more than women.

In terms of which gender wants sex more, we may never reach an answer. Like most research, each study will contracidt the next. The takeaway here is that one’s sex drive doesn’t depend on the gender, but rather the individual. Some men want more sex than others and the same is true for women.

Even so, does it matter? Unless there’s a concerning discrepancy of desire in a relationship, this is a non-issue. It doesn’t and shouldn’t pertain to you.